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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Like Turtles!

Good days turn bad;
bad days get better. 
Also are days
light as a feather.

Then comes the days
when nothing goes right.
The good you do
is pushed out of sight.

In those bad times
you just aren't enough.
Life kicks you hard.
"Why aren't I more tough?"

Here is that day!
I sit all alone.
No one to call.
My happiness flown.

Few understand
and even less care.
And why should they?
They have far less wear!

~ Leland Spindler

Monday, January 19, 2015

Who Does That?

I am constantly bewildered and shocked at things I see and hear on a regular basis. There are days I come home in complete hysterics at the funny happenings of my life. There are days I come home a bit shattered as I realized our future is in the hands of some very... stupid people. Its amazing what you can see and hear if you're just a little observant. People have so little shame. I hear and see things that are absolutely hysterical, some that are a bit dreadful, and others are simply horrific. Allow me to give my thoughts on just a few of the things that have entered my peripheral in these last couple of months.