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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week of Weddings

This last week Les Freres Gourmands catered 2 weddings:  the McKown/Fletcher wedding and the Nicoles/Holmberg wedding.  Naturally we developed two wonderful menus that surely tickled the palate of each invited guest.  Here is a description of all the food that we made and my take on things.
Savory Menu
~Sun-dried Tomato Tartlettes:  flaky tartlettes filled with marinated sun-dried tomatoes and freshly grated Parmesan.
~Artichoke Heart/Spinach Tartlettes:  flaky tartlettes filled with fresh spinach chiffonade, artichoke heart and freshly grated Parmesan, .
~Traditional Bruschetta with Balsamic Syrup:  finely chopped tomatoes and basil chiffonade on a fire-crusted garlic baguette served with reduced Balsamic syrup drizzle.
~Crostini with Assorted Roasted Peppers and Bean Hummus:  fire-crusted baguette topped with a slow-cooked northern bean hummus and assorted home roasted bell peppers.
~Pasta Salad alla Puttanesca:  penne pasta served with fresh tomato, anchovy, capers, green olives, grilled chicken, peppers, onions and olive oil with a fresh chopped parsley garnished.
~Green Salad
~Assorted Fresh Fruit
~Grilled Cheese Sandwich: rustic Italian bread with Provolone, Black Forest Ham and Munster grilled to perfection.

Dessert Menu
~Fruit Tart Petit Fours:  hand-crafted shells filled with pastry cream and topped with assorted fresh fruits and berries.
~Raspberry Chocolate Mousse:  Les Freres Gourmand's own special chocolate pastry square shells filled with a raspberry mousse and topped with a fresh raspberry.
~Lemon Curd:  pastry square shells filled with Les Freres Gourmands own fresh lemon curd and topped with candied lemon peel.
~Assorted Cupcakes:  chocolate and vanilla mini-cupcakes topped with Magnolia Bakery's famous powdered sugar icing.
~Wedding Cake

Hors d'Oeuvres:
~Sun-dried Tomato Tartlettes:  flaky tartlettes filled with marinated sun-dried tomatoes and  freshly grated Parmesan.
~Garden Civiche:  Filo cups filled with dill flavored cream cheese topped with carrot, radish, zucchini, squash, and cucumber brusoise topped with a chive spear and fresh dill.
~Ham Wrapped Melon:  fresh cantaloupe melon wrapped in a savory ham slice.

~French Onion Soup:  slow-cooked onion soup topped with a rustic white bread and melted cheese.
~Creme de Courgette:  home-grown zucchini slow-cooked and pureed, served with dill cream and parsley garnish.

Green Salad:  topped with home grown veggies and choice of dressing.

~Boeuf Bourguignon:  beef tenderloin slow-cooked in burgundy wine with home-grown pearl onions, carrots and bacon.  Served with duchess potatoes and seasoned blanched green beens.
~Cordon Bleu:  tenderized chicken breast stuffed with ham and swiss, rolled, breaded and cooked to perfection.

~Chocolate Mousse:  Les Freres Gourmand's own special chocolate pastry square shells filled with  chocolate mousse topped with a lemon-powdered sugar dusting.
~ Éclairs:  long choux dough pastries filled with custard and topped with chocolate icing.
~Cheese Cake:  individual mini cheese cake squares topped with assorted berries.
~Wedding Cake

Working these wedding was a fun learning experience.  I had never actually done weddings of that size before.  I mean, we served several hundred people in those two days!  It was intense, long, tiring, exciting, unifying, underpaying, eye opening and stressful.  We definitely made some decisions based off of the experience.  But, at the end of the day, people enjoyed our food, and wanted to know more about us.  I'm hoping to do more in the future!  So, if anyone is getting married, and you need a top quality caterer for a reasonable rate, let me know!

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