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Life Goals

We all have goals in life.  I've always thought that a goal not written down is just a fleeting wish.  So, here I will be compiling a list of my life goals.  As I complete them, I will link the goal to an article about it.
  1. Sing in the Conference Center - COMPLETE
  2. Graduate from college - COMPLETE
  3. Eat at a restaurant run by someone from the Food Network - COMPLETE
  4. Get a MM degree
  5. Open a restaurant/cafe/bed and breakfast/catering service with Kate
  6. Sing with the Tabernacle Choir
  7. Get a DMA degree
  8. Conduct in the SLC Tabernacle
  9. Cater a high class wedding
  10. Meet a celebrity
  11. Witness a tornado up close
  12. Go to an opera at The Met
  13. Visit every country in western europe
  14. Sing a solo in church - COMPLETE