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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life Goal: Graduation

This weekend was one of the pinnacle moments of my life. I have now officially graduated with my BA degree. I'm the second in my family to do so, and the only to accomplish this feat at my father's alma mater: BYU. It was a glorious occasion, and one that was shared with many family members and friends. My cousin Rachelle and I both walked together, which made it an extremely fun happening.
Joining us for the festivities of commencement were several members of our ward, the BYU 198th ward. We decided it would be fun if we all went into commencement together and sat in the same row. It definitely added an element of familiarity to the commencement ceremony.
We all gathered in the ASB parking lot, and then began our processional to the Marriott Center. On our way, we passed several flags from the countries of our graduating comrades, and a tent filled with the dignitaries that would be attending the commencement and convocation ceremonies. Walking with the graduating seniors felt a bit like being herded with a variety of peripatetic farm animals.
They herded us down into the tunnels in preparation to entering the Marriott Center floor. The feelings of anticipation were near overwhelming. Everyone was filled to the brim with excitement, nervousness, anticipation, thrill and joy. I was so happy to be sharing this experience with dear friends.
As we stepped foot on the floor in the Marriott an overwhelming sense of humility over came me. I am so blessed to have been able to attend this great institution. To have such amazing, inspiring and dedicated professors. And to see all of the friends and family members of the graduating class there, supporting their student, was so powerful.
We quickly took our seats and waited for the dignitaries to come in so that the commencement would. . . you know. . . commence. Rachelle and I of course began the tireless search for our parents.
Once President Samuelson and the others entered, we began. Elder D. Todd Christofferson was to be our commencement speaker.
We had a grand old time. I'm so glad that I decided to participate in my graduation ceremonies. I'm also glad that my parents were able to attend. I owe them so much. They have been so supportive and instrumental in my success. I am so grateful for them and their love.
In the days that followed we had a very rainy day of convocations, and many a dinner out on the town. It's always fun being with family at these times. We also went to the Brown's and the White's for some BBQ/party type fun. It was great. We of course invited all the peeps to come along.
We also engaged in one of my favorite Smith family pastimes: singing.
All in all, it was a great weekend. And in the final words of Elle in Legally Blond, "We did it!"



    Now you must become a world renowned composer. Chop chop!

  2. Congratulations LEE!!! Fantastic!

  3. Wonderful Wonderful!! What a great weekend! And love the Legally Blonde reference... no bias truly intended.