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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Ottis-

Normally I don't go for anyone I see at the gym. Ever. They're just not my type. But there's this guy who works there, and I can tell from the way he swipes my card- he's not like the rest of them. He always smiles at me, looks me in the eye and asks how I'm doing- like he knows me! Today he even looked at the computer screen to get my name and said something like "have a good day, *Hottie." (*name has been changed to protect me and the cute gym guy) So. How do I get my flirt on with a guy I see twice a day for 2 seconds?? (usually that second time- on my way out- I am not looking I try to just rush out) Help, Ottis! Help! (then again... he could just be a friendly guy. Aghhh!)

Much love,
The Hottie in the Story

Dear The Hottie in the Story,

Thank you for you letter. What a very intriguing story you have here, one unlike any I've received before! I'm very excited to try it out and see what we can come up with. I've done some pondering, and these are the points I've landed on.

The first concern is that he may just be a nice, friendly kind of guy. This is definitely a legitimate concern. He is in the costumer service industry, and thus may just be good at his job. However, we need not forget that we're in Utah, and friendly costumer service have nigh been one of the strengths here. So, thats looking up.

Second, about the flirting part. First off, I'd recommend getting the bulk of your flirting done upon the entrance of your gym time and not at the exit, since you'll be sweaty and such when you leave. As for how to actually flirt with him, you need to figure out a way that you could stay and talk to him for a spell. Maybe you could have some kind of question that you could ask him upon entering. Something quasi-playful and quasi-legit. Then see if you can't strike up a little conversation with him. This is a good time to catch his name (I'd recommend doing a formal introduction thing, instead of just looking at his name badge. . . though, if you think you could pull that off in a very flirty way, go for it). Once you get his name, you should USE IT. . . consistently. When ever you see him as you come in, say it. This will show him that you've taken the time to remember his name. Always a plus. From then on, little conversations, smiles, and winks should get the message across.

Good luck with your flirting. There are many techniques that have been outlined in other Dear Ottis letters that I'd recommend looking at. Or, if you attended any of my seminars, then you should be set. Just remember these three important things: confidence, humor and charisma. Happy Flirting!


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  1. I know a girl who met a guy at the gym she worked out at. A year and a half later they got married! It can totally happen.