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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reading Day, part 2

Well, my second reading day proved to be less exciting than the first (thus the delay in writing it). I actually had to go to work, study, and continue working on a paper. Absolutely boring, I know. But, there a couple bonuses. So far, I've unofficially been hired on to do three weddings this summer. One in the Salt Lake Valley, one in the Utah Valley, and one in Arizona. I've been talking nonstop with Devan (my amazing friend/sous-chef/lyricist/former mission companion) about menu ideas. I tell ya, you put the two of us together for something like this, and we'll come up with some dang amazing food. So, if any of you need someone to cater your wedding reception/luncheon/rehearsal diner. . . you've got some very capable and talented people here!

Also, I've found that I can watch full episodes of Modern Family on the internet today. Hulu only had a few episodes, but I got a site that has them all. Can I just say, that show is hysterically funny. I hope my life can be that funny someday! Ugh, love it. Until that day, I'll just be here. . . blogging. Trying to sound funny, but. . . Such is life!

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  1. I love Modern Family! It's hilarious. I'm up for watching an episode anytime!