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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Musical Journeys on Youtube

Today at work I decided to go on one of my customary musical journeys...perhaps I should start off by explaining what on earth that is. Basically, I get on to listen to a song. As I listen to that song, it either reminds me of another song, or there is another song I want to listen to in the "related videos" column, and thus begins the journey. I can literally spend hours doing this. Today's journey was a little more impactful on me than usual. Let me bring you along on the sparknotes version of my journey.

It all started when I was watching a documentary on the making of Wicked; one of the greatest musicals of our generation. This lead me to ask the questions, what's good old Idina doing these days. Well, low and behold she is going to be joining the cast of glee on this weeks episode. Naturally, I had to go watch come clips from that. Its gonna be amazing. And herein begins the musical journey.

After watching the teaser for today, I watched Glee cast members Lea (Rachel) and Chris (Kurt) sing there rendition of Defying Gravity (since I was already on a Wicked kick). Can I just say that its pretty incredible. Mostly just that Kurt hit some freakishly high notes. And he can get up so high without going totally falsetto. Amazing.

After watching this, what did I spy in the "related videos" but the cast of Glee singing the national anthem for the world series. Now, having listed to several different renditions of the national anthem performed at various locals, I have to say that it goes right up in my top 3 favorite. They have actually taken their places beside the ultimate diva Whitney Houston (who's rendition is widely considered the best version) and Destiny's Child's crazy girl group version (which just makes me chuckle every time I listen). This one just gave me chills. So good.

This clip got me thinking about that crazy kid, Sam Tsui, who got together with his friend Kurt Schneider to make some incredible musical experiences. I was exposed to him when he covered Glee's version of Don't Stop Believing to which I've already blogged and posted about. What makes him absolutely entertaining is that he provides all his own back up music. He is a one man Glee, thanks to todays technology. Well, he has posted some new videos. Of note, he did a Michael Jackson medley, Owl City's Firefly, Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and Katy Perry's Thinking of You. No one can deny that the kid is talented. . . has way too much time on his hand, but talented nonetheless. He also enlisted the help of his gal friend Allison Williams to covered Breaking Free from HSM. I have to say, I think its better than the movie version. A little different, but this is what real singing is all about. I highly encourage you all to give him a looksy on youtube. Its worth it!

Now, don't get me wrong. This is just today's journey. I don't always go on such. . . musical theater-esque journeys, but it was one of those days. Though there were many other songs in between, by the time I ended with this last number I realized something: nothing gets my heart going and my entire being excited like music. Its part of my very being, it dominates my thoughts, its rejuvenates my mind, it captivates my ears, and brings pure joy to my soul. Rare it is that I feel as much excitement about anything else as I do with good music. I suppose Devan and James were right when they independently told me that I was meant to be involved in music for the rest of my life before, well before I even knew I was supposed to but...such is life.


  1. This is a wonderful post. May I copy the idea to my own blog?

  2. Absolutely! I highly encourage everyone to take musical journeys, and to share! :)