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Friday, April 9, 2010

Exciting News!!!

In the iconic words of Mortal Kombat the movie: "It has begun." Due to the popularity of my presentation of Flirting: A Seminar For Beginners along with the other private flirting consultations and lessons, I have decided to begin writing a book to compliment and remind readers of the techniques and practices taught in those presentations. The book will also introduce a wealth of new information that goes above and beyond the scope of flirting.

The book will cover preparing to flirt all the way through to the engagement or inevitable breakup. We hope to some day have a companion DVD to help illustrate the points made throughout the book, as that would constitute a huge resource to the novice flirter or relationship beginner. Perhaps in the second edition?
*If you're interested in participating in the production of the DVD, feel free to let me know!

Since this manual will be focused primarily on the BYU and Mormonia dating culture, it will also feature a glossary of terms that the outsider might not be fully aware of. This will aid the incoming students who were not raised in the Happy Valley/Jello Belt cultural abyss. Included in the glossary will be words that I constantly use (e.g. Mormonia) which may also need defining.

We're also very excited to announce that this book will feature some new data on dating at BYU. We're in the midst of getting our IRB approval to begin our research. I hope that each of you will take a few minutes to fill out the survey. It will help enormously in shaping the path this book will take. I will also be including several of the Dear Ottis letters that I've received to help illustrate common problems. So, if you have any other dating/flirting questions please feel free to write in. The more the merrier!

Here are the tentative chapters to be discussed in the book.

Foreword: Introduction, Disclaimers and Things to Note

Part One
I. The Basics: Confidence, Humor, Charisma
II. Flirting 101: Introduction to
III. Flirting 102: Preparation
IV. Flirting 201: Across the Room
V. Flirting 202: Close Encounters
VI. First Date Etiquette
VII: Touching 211: The Basics
VIII. How to get a Second Date
IX. Non-committal Dating
X. Frenshman Year Dating

Part Two
I. How to Convert Casual Dating to Serious Relationships
III. Relationships 321: Understanding Commitment
IV. Relationships 322: Communication
V. Relationships 340: Conduct in Groups
VI. Relationships 341: How to fight Fair
VII. Touching 311: Advanced Techniques
VIII. Dispelling Myths
IX. The Breakup and Post Breakup Dating
X. On to the Engagement

Appendix A: Quick Reference for Men
Appendix B: Quick Reference for Women

Feedback is welcome! Thanks!


  1. I really like how you have this organized. Can you please send a copy of this to your editor? Also, my computer is dead but all we have is uploaded on Googledocs so we are safe...

  2. YES!! I love it! And I'm so excited! Can I be your editor? Puuhhhhlease?

  3. Hahah, Melissa. Well, Meagan has the chair of Editor and Chief, but I'm sure you can be one of the junior editors. You'll have to take it up with her :)

  4. Umm.. as your partner in crime (essentially), I sure as hell better get to write something.

  5. Can I book a seminar for my roommates? I'm sure we could all benefit from it.

  6. This looks AWESOME!!! You're amazing, Lee. :)