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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reading Day, part 1

Reading days are these exceptionally wonderful days accorded to us by the university so as to allow us time to prepare for the dreaded finals that are fast approaching. As a very studious young man, and as one who is always on top of things, I make sure to take full advantage of my reading days. Allow me to take you with me on this journey. Today, I woke up a little later than usual. Ok. . . a lot later than usual. I think I finally got out of bed and into the shower around noon. It was so amazing to just stay in bed all morning and really catch up on my sleep. I'm proud to say that for the first time this semester, I feel totally rested! Now, I don't typically endorse such overtly lazy acts, but heck. It was so worth it.

After getting ready for the day. . . or afternoon, I watched a good episode of Matlock (the show that first convinced me to go into law) and the history channel at the same time. The history channel program talked about how Oregon was the capital of the skin head/modern KKK movement in the United States. It started in the Portland prison system, go figure. It was very interesting to watch indeed.

After my fill of TV I headed over to Tucano's for the annual Men's Chorus Feast. I was very proud of myself for two reasons. Firstly, I only got one spot on my shirt. For me, that huge, thats like a blessing from heaven, like guardian angels were taking the hits for me. And for that, I'm thankful. Secondly, I didn't gorge myself as usual. Typically at Tucano's, and like most members of the men's chorus, I'd eat until my stomach hurt, then take a nice break, maybe walk around, and then start again. Basically, its a formula for intense stomach pains for the rest of the day. This time around, I only ate till my stomach hurt, then I just stopped, and stayed strong. After eating, we sang the Miq Maq Honor Song and Witness for the people. They enjoyed, as usual. Then, after all the hugs and good byes, we got our Men's Chorus year books and went our separate ways. Its always rather sad to leave. To say goodbye to such fond memories. Luckily, I know I'll still be around for another three years.

Afterwards, I popped up to Barnes and Noble to buy Glee Season I Volume I. Then, I headed up to Highland to the Kendrick's house to get some watching in. It was a delightful time. I got in a good gossip session with Tonya and then watched a disk of Glee and American Idol result show with Tonja. I do love my Tonj/yas. I didn't get home until. . .well, now. It was so much fun, as always.

Such an amazing life we lead on reading days. Like I said, I'm a very studious person. I like to get all my things in line. That didn't happen today, cause it was warm outside and I wanted to play and be happy. I may regret it later but. . .Such is Life!

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