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Monday, April 19, 2010

Picnic Season

For the past several weeks we have had a few intermittent days of utter beauty. Well, that is to say utter Utah beauty. There have been some beautiful sunny days, and this year I've committed myself to taking full advantage of them. Therefore today I say, "Welcome, welcome picnic season! Now we rest from every care!"

There is something beautiful about being able to throw on a pair of shorts, a beat up pair of flip flops, grabbing a blanket, some aviators, and a basket of snacks and heading to the perfect grassy knoll. I have taken the time to do this 3-4 times in the last couple weeks. It's a time that I set aside, knowing that when I'm done I have to get back to studying, writing papers, doing homework, and preparing for life. Regardless of the countless things that life has for me to do, every second of that time I spend out in the sun relaxing is worth it. Maybe I'll bring a long a book to read, maybe we'll play a little frisbee, or maybe I'll just have a good old heart to heart conversation with some fantastic individual to pass the time.

I encourage everyone who may read this to go and spend some time out in the sun. Take your family, take your significant other, take your roommates, take your inner circle, or just take yourself and get out to a wonderful picnic. It'll do your body and your mind some good to just be free for a few. We all have crazy, hectic schedules and various things to do, but hey. . . this is the time to enjoy life. So, cast care aside and enjoy your summer! After all...Such is life!!!

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