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Monday, January 19, 2015

Who Does That?

I am constantly bewildered and shocked at things I see and hear on a regular basis. There are days I come home in complete hysterics at the funny happenings of my life. There are days I come home a bit shattered as I realized our future is in the hands of some very... stupid people. Its amazing what you can see and hear if you're just a little observant. People have so little shame. I hear and see things that are absolutely hysterical, some that are a bit dreadful, and others are simply horrific. Allow me to give my thoughts on just a few of the things that have entered my peripheral in these last couple of months.

1. Basket ball shorts with thermals and button up shirt. 
This is just as confusing as it gets to me. I mean, nothing here works together. First off, if you're wearing basket ball shorts, you really ought not be wearing button up shirt with it. Are you going to the gym or going to a meeting? I can't tell because of your horrific clothing choices. But then throw on a pair of full length thermals and well, I just don't what is happenings any more. I mean... Hello! Are you even caring about anything in your life anymore? Yikes!

2. Late Night Denny's
My roommate James and I decided to go do a late night excursion at our friendly neighborhood Denny's. It was sunday evening and we were completely shocked at the influx of people that showed up right at 12:01. It was a mad house. Anyway, I digress. Behind us were a couple of girls talking about boys. One girl was recounting a conversation she had with a boy she must have liked. Apparently in this conversation the boy was saying that she should rape him. But then followed it up by saying its not really rape if we both want it. And he surely did. Well, hell if I know what is going on in this boys head. I have truly never understood the whole rape fantasy thing, but thats neither here nor there. But to tell a girl that you're not dating or anything that you would like her to rape you (these are HS students I'm thinking... or maybe freshman) is just so so so inappropriate. Well this girl was giggling like it was the most romantic thing that had ever been told to her. What is wrong with people??

3. Faceless Furry
Some people feel this need to be so cruel when they don't feel responsible for their actions. This week I received this wonderfully kind message from a fellow Provo-ite.

"You are so fat dude Damn"
"And so ugly yikes"
"gee, thanks!"
"You should really just do us all a favor and go kill yourself so no one has to see your fat ass"
"Ok, I'll go do that! Thanks for the suggestion! :)"

It never ceases to amazing me the things people feel comfortable telling another human being. Now luckily I'm not a teenager and am a reasonably grounded and stable adult, so I didn't actually feel any need to go kill myself. However, the message hurt; it was cruel, thoughtless, and completely free of any type of punctuation--which is possibly the most hurtful offense of all.

4. To bowtie or not to bowtie... that is the question
I had a friend wear a bowtie with his sweatpants and a polo shirt. This would be a case when not to bowtie... in case anyone wanted to know.

5. The Sun
"Do you think we'll ever walk on the sun? I mean, I know its hot, but if we go in the winter it will be way cooler." Real words uttered. Our fate is doomed.

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  1. Dying over here! 4 and 5 are cracking me up. Reminds me of my good old days being a middle school teacher. And umm number horrible. Who do people think they are? Again, when I taught school kids would say stuff like that to their "friends" and there was nothing that could get them in more trouble more quickly. Because they aren't reasonably grounded or stable, most of them.