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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents Day: A day of firsts and old traditions

Yesterday was one of those precious 3-day weekend holidays that are high in demand, but few and far between: Presidents day. I spent my time off from school and work doing several firsts and, of course, a few good and cherished traditions.  Basically, the way any holiday should be spent!  Unfortunately, this is the last 3 day weekend of the semester.  Allow me to outline some of these things for you:

New things:
1.  Woke up at 8am on a holiday
2.  Bought my first ever item from The Gap (a pair of brown pants with a subtle pin-striping)
3.  Spent more than $25 on a pair of jeans (I got me some Lucky Brand Jeans...amazing)
4.  Purchased my very first pair of Vans shoes
5.  Didn't buy and/or look at any Sketchers (I've purged them from my life)
6.  Spent several hours cleaning on a holiday
7.  Bought a French cuffed dress shirt
8.  Had some Swedish bread (thanks Tara)
9.  Went to bed at 11pm on a holiday

Old Traditions:
1.  Spent a great deal of the actual holiday in Park City
2.  Spent the day with a McGill girl: Kindal this year (now I just need the 4th and I'll have had the complete set)
3.  While driving home from Park City, we sang Celine Dion's "Taking Chances" (great song)
4.  Went on a long run on Saturday (this time it was 8 miles)
5.  Bought my traditional new Sperry shoes (3rd pair)
6.  Had a rehearsal for my Easter Program (everyone should come!!!)
7.  Caught up on some reading and homework
8.  Threw away a bunch of old clothes in preparation to buying new clothes
9.  Have a little salute to our presidents past.

All in all, a very successful holiday weekend.


  1. Sounds fun! I'm proud of you for splurging on pants- I still can't do that.

  2. What a great day, friend! Wow, ran for 8 miles!!! I'm impressed. I'm also bien excited that I'm coming to the Easter concert this year. I've even got the time off to do so. Hurray!!

  3. I feel so very honored to be mentioned in your blog! :)

  4. nice plug for the Easter program :) and I had no idea that you ran!