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Monday, June 13, 2011

For the Foodies

This past weekend Les Freres Gourmand (my catering company) got the chance to cater a wonderful recital put on by the incredibly talented Mariah Wilson.  She performed perfectly on piano, vibrantly vied on violin, harmoniously hammed it up on the harp, and absolutely amazed with her alto voice.  It was a stunning event, and so we decided to provide some stunning food.  Here are some pics and descriptions of what the evening provided.

Savory Menu:
Daikon Disks with a spiced apple/peach chutney
Individual Quiches Lorraines aux épinards
Garden Civiche in puff pastry with herbed fromage blanc
Greek Purses with goat cheese, artisan honey, cumin seed and walnut
Filo Cigars filled with feta, parmesan, spinach, and pine nuts
and 4 Canapés:
-Smoked Salmon on Jewish rye with cucumber, fromage blanc, and rosemary
-Marinated Artichoke Heart on baguette slices with ricotta cheese, and tapenade
-Roasted Rare Beef on a rye crisp with a horseradish mustard sauce, cornichon and sri lacha dots
-Shrimp on water crackers with a roasted garlic spread and caramelized balsamic red onions

Dessert Menu:
Lemon curd in chocolate pastry cups with raspberries
Bird's Custard with pears, candied pecans, and brown sugar whipped cream


  1. How gorgeous! Who took the photos?

  2. I took them, and you can follow my name to the photoblog if you'd like to see other work!

  3. Oh my goodness. Everything looks divine!