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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glee Assignment

Anyone who knows me understands that I'm a gleek (prolly in more than just the traditional lover-of-the-tv-show way). I watch the show religiously. Not only is there great music and pretty great voices, but it also has that wonderful thing that I do love so much in a great TV show: drama. It just takes me right on back to how awful it was to be in high school.

In this week's episode the glee club was given the assignment to find and perform a song that represents who they are at that moment in time. Some wonderful songs were chosen. As I watched that episode I thought about how amazing it is that songs can perfectly describe us, our circumstances, our emotions, our relationships, hopes, dreams, fears, desires, and even our entire being. I've decided to do the same as the club today and take this assignment on full force, though I will most certainly not be performing them for anyone. Rather than pain countless people with my attempting to sing them, I simply found the videos on youtube and put them here below.

Perhaps some of them will surprise you, perhaps some of them will make you think "Oh...that explains a lot" or perhaps you'll just learn a little something about me. Here you go, in no particular order.

1. Unforgettable - Jack and Karen. Besides the undeniable truth that I am completely unforgettable, its also true that I have a slight obsession with Will and Grace, or more precisely with Jack and Karen. Here they are at their best. Just remember...I'm unforgettable too!

2. The Awakening - Joseph Martin. Being a student of the choral arts, I obviously had to pick a choral song. More than any other choral song I've heard or sung, this song describes my love of music. Not only is the text powerful, but he music is dramatic and moving.

3. Perfect - Alanis Morisette. Chalk this up to childhood.

4. Crush - David Archuleta. Ok, this one is not what it seems. I have this nasty tendency of quoting song lyrics to people but trying to make it seem like they are my own words. I've had some wonderfully awkward moments doing this. This song was probably source of one of the funniest of all!

5. Say Goodbye - Katharine McPhee. This is a song from her new CD. Don't really want to explain too much about how this one fits in, but. . . it does.

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