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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Re-commitment to Kindness

Today I had the most interesting of experiences.  I decided to splurge.  I went to the CourgarEat to have myself a bit of a calzone.  I only had a few minutes to spare before going to choir.  I got my calzone and began looking for a spot to eat.  Unfortunately at the one o'clock hour, the CougarEat is not the most friendly of places for solitary snacking.  And there, I had a great experience.

I couldn't find a great place to sit.  I was looking everywhere but there was no open table to be found.  Every once in a while there was a shimmer of hope, only to be dashed by the peering of peripatetic persons taking their seats back after retrieving their food.  So, I revised my plan and looked for tables with the least amount of people in hopes that I could still sit in peace.  Peace was ne'er to be found: for at one table was a sleeper, at another a reader, then there were the gamers, the movie watchers, the home workers, and of course the eaters.  I kept looking trying to deduce which would be the lesser of the many evils.  Finally, I decided to just sit at the table with the an older woman playing with her phone.  I sat and began eating my calzone (it was yummy).  We didn't really say much.  Then, after seeing her backpack, I asked if she was a student.

--Open floodgates--

An hour later we parted ways having discussed our lives and struggles at school.  I found myself feeling so uplifted by talking with her, learning about her, encouraging her, and commiserating with her.  I was thankful the Lord put me in her path, and she in mine, because I felt like a better person having talked to her.  I'm thankful the Lord grants us such tender mercies; those little moments that reinforce to our very soul that He cares.  I declare this my re-commitment to kindness.


  1. I want to "like" or "+1" this post. I love moments like that.

  2. A beautiful experience Lee. :) Thanks for sharing!