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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Power of Choices

In life we are all given the glorious power to chose.  This God given right is one of the most powerful gifts we've been given.  Our choices come in a varying degree of importance.  Sometimes our choices are trivial, and meaningless.  For example, what we chose to wear in a day is of no lasting value...typically.  What we chose to do on our bday usually has no eternal ramifications.  Will I watch Judge Judy or Law and Order.  These are the least important of the choices that we make.  Conversely sometimes we make choices that have a lasting impact.  Choices of such a colossal import that the very heavens are shifted, be it in our favor or not.  Mountainous choices that need much deliberation, consideration, prayer, fasting, and consultation.  I have recently made one of these choices that has absolutely changed my world.

I bought a bed.  A beautiful queen size bed.  I could have bought a double...a full...a twin...but I bought a full.  Its simply beautiful.  Allow me to tell you the tale.

It all started in January when I came back to Provo after Christmas.  I was informed in late December that I wouldn't be able to stay where I was staying anymore and that I needed to find a new place.  So, after moving all of my stuff out and into a storage unit I have.  The funny part is, I hadn't found a new place to live yet.  Luckily I have several great friends who were very kind.  Mariah allowed me to stay up at Hobble Creek for a spell.  Then, after Sister Hall found out that I stayed a night in a motel, she insisted that I stay with them.  That was an adventure in and of itself, but I stayed with them for a couple weeks. Then the fabulous BG found me a new place to live.  Her friend Patrick was getting married and wanted to sell his contract.  He sold, I bought, all was good.  I moved in at the beginning of February.

Here is where the story really begins...haha.  The bed there was an atrocity.  A small junior sized bed covered in plastic.  It went to my calf...ridiculous.  So, I went to buy a new bed.  I took my dearest Kara with me.  We went...some place up in PG.  After looking around, I found my bed.  A queen size bed with a pillow top, lumbar support and a 10 year non-prorated warranty.  Unfortunately I had to wait the weekend for it to come.  So, we popped up to Ikea and got a nice comforter and duvee cover.  Once it arrived, I set it up and just was thrilled.  Then, I took my other dear friend Holly shopping with me.  We bought 700 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases, a bed skirt, shams, new pillows (cause mine were awful), and 3 decorative pillows.

Let me just say that night one was completely glorious.  COMPLETELY.  I slept better than I have in ages.  And I still sleep amazingly well.  I love my bed.  Truly this simple choice will affect me for ages, generations, and eternities to come... or perhaps it will just help me sleep better.  Either way, it was completely worth it!  SIL.

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