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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Unconventional Thanksgiving

This year I have had an unconventional thanksgiving; I wasn't able to go home and celebrate with my family, nor  have the traditional meal (I made myself a great huge breakfast for dinner). And so, I want to make an unconditional list of things I'm thankful for. 

I'm Thankful For:

1.  The piano I have in my apartment.  Not only can I practice piano every day and play through choral music, but I can also use it as a means of self expression.

2.  My bed.  Its just a big, beautiful, soft, comfortable, pillowy, and wonderful bed :)

3.  Shoe inserts.  Ever since getting my shoe inserts at Wal*Mart I haven't had any feel problem...that's rare for me.  It really is amazing and I love them.

4.  Air Fresheners.  I love coming home after a long day and having my apt smell like fresh apple streusel...or a tropical breeze...or pumpkin pie :)  Yummm

5.  A decorated front room.  Its nice that I feel like I live in an actual home now.  Not just an awful student housing place.  We have pictures, flowers, throw pillows, plants, lamps, etc.

6.  Floss.  'Nough said.

7.  My laptop.  Without this, I would not be able to blog...haha.

8.  Gjeilo.  Favorite composer of the day.

9.  Stemware.  I just love drinking out of stemware.  I have champagne flutes, martini glasses, red wine glasses, and white wine glasses. I'm pretty much a closet-wannabe-alcoholic.  

10.  TED-talks.  "The Power of Vulnerability" "Shame" "Coming out of the Closet" are some of my favorite talks every.  You should watch them all.

11.  Grape Juice and Eggnog.  By far the best beverages around.

12.  Easter Choir.  If we are not in the process of rehearsing for it, then I am planning music, thinking about sets, decorations for the set, venues, or who to ask to participate.  Its a year long obsession.

13.  Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I love the months where I can wear shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts.  I miss going hiking every day, staying out late, going on runs for the fun of it, summer rains, and the warmth.

14.  Scented Hand Soup.  Mine smells like Sweet Clementine.  I just wanna keep washing my hands over and over and over again.

15.  Will and Grace.  They have brought me more laughs than any other show in existence.

16.  My Phone.  Hours and hours of entertainment.  Maybe I have an addiction...

17.  Law and Order: SVU Marathons.  Chelsea and I literally could sit and watch all day if we were able.

18.  My Professors.  They have been such a huge source of support, help, guidance, love, and learning.

19.  My Dear Friends.  They have been literal life savers.  They're always there for me.  They make me laugh, cry, giggle, scream, run, jump, skip, cook, eat, work out, watch new movies and just enjoy my life to the extreme. 

20.  My Family.  They are absolutely wonderful. Despite all the craziness that has happened in our family over the many decades, we are always there for each other.  I love them all, and and I know they love me too.  They've been there for me through all of the ups and downs.  They're great and I am so thankful for all of them. 


  1. Pretty sure those last two aren't unconventional, but I like the list anyway ;)

  2. Have you seen Benjamin Zander's TED talk on classical music? Definitely one of my favs. I love this list, Lee. It's full of fantastic things to be grateful for.

  3. You're great! I miss the Easter program. I think of it every time we sing He is Risen because I love your arrangement so much.