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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well, this week I was once again made aware of something that I find rather disturbing...and quite surprising. One of the girls in my ward came over with her roommate last night (to steal our pumpkin...even though they deny that) and her roommate came and introduced herself to me and said that she's heard a lot about me. Well, I obviously had a look of utter confusion on my face. She said, ya my roommate ____ has said all sorts of things about you. "Hopefully they were all good things!" I said in my usual politeness when meeting someone new. Inside I was just thinking...what on earth could these people have to say about me? Why on earth do I come up in private conversations? Needless to say, I was dumbfounded. I had no idea what to say after that.

This is merely one example of many where I find out that people talk about me in their spare time. Now, don't get me wrong. This is not an annoyance on gossiping. We all do it. In fact, I often encourage it. But it just is utterly surprising to me that people would discuss me, be it for positive or negative, in their spare time. My cousin Rachelle tried to point out that of all the people in the ward to discuss and tell people about, I was obviously high up on the list. Well, if that isn't just one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard, I don't know what is. Sometimes it makes me just want to shake people and say, you have so much more interesting things to talk about! Talk about John and Kate, talk about healthcare, about Comrade Obama, about Iraq, about school budget cuts, or...oh I don't know, anything! Now, I know some of you are gonna think that this is some kind of pity party or something like thereunto. But, it's not. This is not some kind of roost to get people to say how funny I am and how easy it is to talk about me or what not. And I guess somewhere deep inside its kind of nice to be talked about, but it’s still absolutely shocking to me.

Anyway, this post is going everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. I really don't have anything else to say on the matter. Let's just remember people, idle hands are the devil's playground...but such is life!

Some names have been omitted to protect the innocent...


  1. You are a topic of conversation, but because it's good things. "Who's that guy?" "Oh, that's Lee, he's hilarious. Loves good stories/gossip, gives dating/flirting tips. Quite usually, doesn't draw attention, but knows all. Oooh! And, he cooks deliciously." That's what I would say about you if I had to give the 20 second spot. Hopefully the person would ask for elaboration and I could keep bragging about how we're friends and we gchat and how you fill me in on ward gossip from thousands of miles away. See? Good things.

  2. And by quite I really meant quiet...

  3. Don't worry, Lee. You don't come up in my private conversations. And my hands are rarely idle. ;)

  4. im sorry, but i do talk about you to many people. but most of them you know as well and we (you and I) would call friends. :) :) is it ok that i share your flirting tips? isnt that what this blog is all about?

    conclusion: you rock.

  5. Now now, let us recall that flirting is merely one aspect of this blog, but not the soul reason for it's existence. Rather, the reason for this blog is for me to "expand the wings of my inner spirit." After all, "proximity to the arts is cleansing for the soul!"

  6. lee i don't know why this surprised you cause we all love to talk about leland!!!! it's always good though so don't worry, we love ya lee so such is life to

  7. "Comrade Obama" proves that I am a positive influence on you.