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Saturday, January 9, 2010

What the heck???

So, this week when I got back from break and took a peek at my blog, I was made aware of something that scandalized me to the very core. Indeed, something so shocking, so disturbing, so unfathomable I felt I should blog about it: someone un-followed my blog! Now, I realize that to the unexperienced reader, this may seem like something as simple as un-friending someone on Facebook that posts too often. You know...something that happens, and should remain discreet--and--unless you're Zach--non confrontational. This, however, is substantially more severe. Allow me to explain why.

Right off the bat, we do need to remember that this is not Facebook. You'll notice that there are not 800 friends following this blog like we all have on Facebook. Rather, we have a mere 20. Every person counts! Especially because I'm in a secret war with Sydney to have more followers on my blog than her on secret in fact, that she doesn't even really know about it.

Secondly, the fact that someone has un-followed my blog means that I've bombed, and bored this person so desperately that they couldn't even stand to remain a follower. Now, lets remember that following a blog does absolutely nothing for emails, no reminders, no alerts, no nothing...indeed, it does very little. It just puts blogs in your dashboard, which I have yet to truly understand. So, basically I failed so miserably as a blogger that it wasn't even worth that.

Thirdly, and most importantly... Ok, I don't really have a third point. But, if I were able to think of one, it'd be dang good! Suffice it to say, I'm on the slightly perturbed side of the spectrum due to this issue, but hey...such is life!

Speaking of the secret war between Sydney and I, let me just say how happy I am to report that team Lspin is ahead by a few, that is a good thing. We cannot however loose this war! We need to do some recruiting methinks! Get on it people!


Update- This once secret war with Sydney has now become a full out battle of the bloggers. Here are the terms: Who ever has the most followers by the end of the semester wins. Judge: Yvonne (to keep things civil). Prize: homemade dessert by the loser for the winner.

Bring It ON!!!!


  1. What an ASS! And clearly, they're rather boring.

  2. Well Well Well! the war is ON!

  3. I can't believe that it is possible for you to bore someone. I read your blog and laugh and laugh. I can't wait for another post to come when I've read them all. Maybe it was a mistake and they'll come back...

    On a different note, I have recently become a big fan of Glee... So good!