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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creme Brulee vs Jello

We're all looking for different things in life and in love. Some of us are enticed by the elegant, powerful, wealthy, and luxurious. Others of us are satisfied by the simple beauties all around us. Some of us are looking to find that elegance in a companion and others just want a simple love.

Sometimes however those worlds inexplicably collide. The simple ends up with the powerful and wealthy. The tall with the short. The beautiful with the. . . not so beautiful. Sometimes these matches end up to be surprisingly perfect: a real match made in heaven. Sometimes however, we look at these combinations and think to ourselves "How did that happen. . . mismatch!"

You can't deny it. We've all seen it. We've all felt uncomfortable at the sight. We've all secretly hoped that we too could be with someone way too amazingly hot for us. But, it really just comes down to finding what we each need, what we are truly comfortable with. Some people are Creme Brulee and others are Jello.

It reminds me of one of the best parts of the movie My Bestfriend's Wedding. This great scene between Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts illustrates perfectly the point. Allow me to set up the scene. Julia has just successfully thwarted the pending wedding between Cameron and Dermot. Dermot sends Julia (his best friend) to see how Cameron is holding up. Cameron doesn't understand what happened. This is how Julia explains the situation. Enjoy.

Julia: Ok, you're Michael. You're in a fancy French restaurant. You order. . . Creme Brulee for dessert. It's beautiful, it's sweet, it's irritatingly perfect. Suddenly, Michael realizes he doesn't want Creme Brulee. He wants something else. . .

Cameron: What does he want?

Julia: Jello.

Cameron: JELLO? Why does he want Jello?

Julia: Because he's comfortable with Jello. Jello makes him comfortable. I realize compared to Creme Brulee its Jello, but maybe thats what he needs.

Cameron: I could be Jello.

Julia: No, Creme Brulee can NEVER be Jello. YOU could never be Jello.

Cameron: I have to be Jello.

Julia: You're Never Gonna Be Jello.

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