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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Political Love Letter

The Following unique letter was written by a Greenfield young man to a young lady in Lockwood. It's a good example of how fun flirtation can be:

My Dear Miss,

I hereby announce myself a candidate for your hand and shall use all fair and honorable means to secure the nomination. I know there are many candidates in the field, and I hesitated long before entering the race, but now I am in it to stay.

My view on love and matrimony have often been stated in your hearing and now I need not repeat them here. You know I favor a gold standard of love--a 100-cent dollar love--and a maintenance of that standard after marriage.

If you decide to confer upon me the honor I seek, please fix a date for a caucus with your mother. I have no objection to her acting as temporary chairman, provided it is clearly understood that I am to be chairman of the permanent organization. Should the result of the caucus prove satisfactory we can soon hold the primaries and select the date and place of holding the convention.

I have never believed in long campaigns so if you decide to honor me I would ask you to fix the convention date as early as possible.

Devotedly Yours.

The following was telegram answered it:

Caucus unnecessary; nomination unanimous. Come at once and fix date of ratification.


  1. Delightful! How long ago was this written?

  2. it was published in the 6 october issue of the provo daily enquirer in 1896.