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Monday, March 8, 2010

Master Spindler?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it feels like everything you've worked for your whole life is culminating to one dramatic moment ? One of those days that define the kind of person that you are and will be? One of those moments that decide the rest of your life? Or perhaps one of those instances where you thought, hmm I'd sure like a nice bottle of strawberry Fanta! Well, this happened to me last week.

It actually started the Thursday before. I was preparing for a concert when Dr. Staheli pulled me aside and said that he wanted to set up our interview for the following Wednesday. He said to prepare a hymn to sing, and be ready to sight read a Bach chorale on the piano. He also added that they don't need to see me conduct because they've already seen me conduct. A few minutes later, as I walked on to the DeJong Concert Hall stage, I thought, one day I might be conducting on this stage. I went to find Sister Hall to see where she wanted us to be. As I approached her, Dr. Staheli also came up to tell her that he had set our interview time for Wednesday at three. Sister Hall looked at me in her very Hallinian way, and said, "You'd better not mess up either!"

As Monday came along, I went into hard core preparation mode. I was sight reading as many hymns as I could. Thank goodness t0 my dream team for helping me prepare. They've been a huge support through out the journey. Isaac, Sarah and Candace decided to have a mock interview to prepare me fore Tuesday night. It was one of the hardest interviews of my life. Their questions: thought provoking and required substantial introspection. Their sight reading test: near impossible for me. Their confidence and support for me: overwhelming.

As the sun came up Wednesday morning the shaking began. You see, I'm one of these people that gets ridiculously nervous. Then I get these shakes and tremors which are pretty intense. I met with my friends in Concert Choir at two as per usual. They wished me luck and decided that they would pray for me in choir.

At three I showed up at Dr. Staheli's door. He and Sister Hall invited me in and told me to sit in the hot seat. They reminded me that this is a safe place and that I don't need to be nervous. I said that I'd try, even though I was nervous anyway. Then they talked for a while about the provisional acceptance guidelines and how it would work etc for about five minutes. Then, after asking me about my voice, they invited me to sing. I sang Savior May I Learn to Love Thee. Dr. Staheli accompanied me on the piano. They had me sing it in the key of D and C. Sister Hall commented on how much my baritone voice has improved, and how I was doing a much better job at keeping it in tune. They then had me sit in "Papa Bear's chair" to sight read my Bach Chorale. After absolutely slaughtering the first line, Dr. Staheli asked me to stop, saying that I really needed to practice my piano playing. I explained that I taught myself piano in the last few years, and that I've made huge improvements, but still have a long way to go, and that I am excited about learning more. Sister Hall then asked what my long term goals were. I told her I wanted to get my PhD and be a professor. They then took turns giving me compliments about my conducting, my dedication and my natural talent. And that was the end of the interview. Twenty minutes.

As Friday evening came along, I was sitting on the benches of the HFAC Slab. I was getting ready to see a documentary in the library with a friend. As I was looking over some music, Dr. Staheli walked by and, putting his hand on my shoulder whispered, "You've been accepted provisionally" and walked away. After a few minutes of getting myself together from the shock, I wandered over to their offices. As I turned the corner I saw Dr. Staheli at Sister Hall's door. They were having their usual chat. As I approached Dr. Staheli spotted me, and quickly turned back to Sister Hall and said, "I've already told Lee." I looked around the door and saw her and Nathan. Sister Hall looked at me with much pride and said "Welcome to the team." I blushed slightly and said thanks. Nathan gave me a big two thumbs up and said congratulations. I tried to express my appreciation and my hope to live up to their expectations. Sister Hall replied with, "Well, we expect to see great things with you, great things." I was in utter shock.

Dr. Staheli then quickly outlined the terms of my provisional acceptance, that I needed at least B+s in each of the theory core classes. I told them that it wouldn't be a problem and went on my way. I'm still kind of in shock about, and I'm so excited. Anyway, thanks for indulging me in this long tale of my acceptance. This is my blog, after all. I do have the right to indulge:) Such is Life.


  1. Congrats again! I love the highly detailed version of the story and am so happy that you got into your program. It is easy to see that they really like you! That is awesome you found out after a few days, I didn't find out about my internship for almost 4 weeks...

  2. Oh my Goodness!!!Why didn't you tell me earlier?!? Congratulations!!! I knew you would get it but of course there are still the scary butterflies... ;) Wow!!! Yay!!!


  4. That's so wonderful Lee! Congratulations. Master Spindler definitely has a ring to it :)