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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glee Assignment

In continuing with my tradition of doing Glee assignments, I present to you this weeks assignment: Sexy.  Be aware that this borderline scandalous episode might inspire a borderline scandalous assignment.

This week of Glee was exceedingly interesting.  As much as I foresaw certain plot twists, other's I didn't see coming at all.  Things that I really appreciated, and things I didn't appreciate so much.  The Santana/Brittany love affair I suppose I saw coming...they are the type.  The whole Kurt being uber moral and knowing nothing about sex thing, I didn't see coming.  I absolutely adore the chat that Kurt had with his father, and the things he said, I absolutely didn't like the chats that Holly had with...anyone...haha.  Anyway, in terms of finding a good sexy video, here is my choice from youtube:

Katy Pery's I Kissed  A Girl video is one of the funnies I've seen in a long while.  I know for certain crowds it would be considered sexy, and thus using it at my choice.  But really, I just think its a great song that fits the episode perfectly.  Enjoy!~

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