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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Thanks to my dear hormonal friend hCG, I have now officially lost over 60lbs.  And even better, for the first time in the process, yesterday I actually felt like I had lost some weight!  This is a wonderful new development.  Just another 30-40 to go and I'll be happy as a clam.


  1. what a wonderful accomplishment! This truly deserves celebrating!

  2. You lost SIXTY pounds and are just NOW noticing? You crazy!


  3. That's awesome Lee!! Now if we could just get a nice picture up!

  4. Ok great!! Now I officially have full reign to tell you how unbelievably fantastic you look without any abrupt hang ups. March 9th. Mark it in your calenders everybody. It is a day to REMEMBER!!

  5. Wow, Lee, that's AWESOME!! My sister and I are going to give the HCG a whirl ourselves. It keeps getting pushed back because one or the other of us have been sick (thought it was a bad idea if we weren't feeling well) but we're hoping to get started next month. So hopefully by my 30th birthday I'll be a few pounds slimmer and feeling better all around. I can't wait to see you at your Easter concert!!