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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer of Firsts: Rain!

Rain is one of the most interesting things.  I should say, I grew up in Oregon.  It rains all year long there.  We tend to just call it liquid sunshine.  I even know people who get seasonal depression when its too sunny and they're not getting rain.  Anyway, all this to say that I grew up with rain.  However, in all those years, I have absolutely hated rain.  The feeling of rain drops hitting my skin was like torture.  And it is something that I never really grew out of.

Yesterday however, it rained.  And I got to thinking about rain.  Its such a wonderful thing.  Rain is the bringer of life, the giver of needed nutrients, the great cleanser of the skies.  You can stand in the rain and feel completely rejuvenated and empowered.  You can also stand in the rain with someone you love, holding them close to you, and allowing every droplet's contact with your skin to heighten the sensation of being close to them.  Holding them in your arms.  And after all, who wouldn't like to be kissed in the rain?  Rain can just be so magical.  And with that out of the way, I now give you my first.

Unfortunately my first doesn't involve being kissed in the rain, though I rather hope I can take care of that at some point this summer :) (Applicants need only email me to apply).  My first involves running.

In all honestly, this post takes care of a few firsts for me.  I've decided to get back into running.  I run every day; usually up in the mountains.  Its an absolutely wonderful and empowering thing for me every day.  It helps me clear my head, work out my frustrations, and get my heart beating.  Now, for some time I had been running in these old Costco shoes that my dad gave me.  They held up better than I would have expected.  However, after a particularly grueling run left my feet blistered beyond belief, I decided that I better get some real running shoes.  So, I headed over to The Running Store.  Tried on countless shoes, and ran all over the place until I find my perfect pair.  They are trail running shoes (as that is what I do the most) but good cross over shoes to running on the pavement, should the need arise.  These shoes are magical.  I haven't twisted an ankle, or slipped since buying them.  Definitely a good purchase for me.  (They also sold me on a pear of earphones that won't come out of my ears... My ears are notorious for rejecting things put in them.  They just pop 'em right out.  These ones are great though!)  So, That's two firsts!  I've become a trail runner, and I bought my first trail running shoes.  Oh, and can I mention that the looks I get running past people on the trail are priceless :)

So, yesterday I was having a particularly low day, therefore I decided to do my run up at Stewart Falls.  It is absolutely beautiful up there.  It makes me feel like I'm home in Oregon.  Its green, filled with aspens and ferns. I just love being there.  Leah (my usual hiking companion) and I have named several land marks along the way: The Glen, Passer's Rock, The Summit, Puppy Pass, and Godrick's Hollow being my favorites.  So I drove my way up, and I prepared to run, it started to rain again.  I thought to myself..."Oh Great!  Rain.  How am I supposed to run in this?  Ugh."  Then in a moment of sheer confusion my thoughts changed to "I can totally run in the rain!  I may even enjoy it!  I already get wet from sweating anyway, so whats the biggie?"  And with that I was out of my car.  I put my iPhone into my new and trust iPhone holder upper on the arm thingy, put my earphones in and under took my journey.  I ran faster and harder than I ever have on that trail before.  It was invigorating and rejuvenating all at the same time!  I even managed to stop, take a few pictures, and answer a text while on my way and still got a personal record.  This little 4.5 mile hike isn't really that tough.  Definitely just a nice little walk in the woods.  But, when you start running up the few steep sections, it can take the wind out of you.  Well, I didn't stop.  I pushed on.  Soaked from head to toe.  Pushing myself farther and faster with every breathe I took.  I beat my previous record by 5 minutes.  That may not seem like a lot, but it was huge for me.  I was so proud of myself.  And as I stretched in the rain afterwords, I thought to myself "I just had my first run in the rain... and I loved it!"  Funny how we avoid doing things so often, only to love doing them when we give them a try.  I was filled with an unusually full sense of gratitude for my life and for the people that I have in it: the ones that truly care, and want the best for me.  I was humbled.  This was such a happy first for me, even though it was so simple and ordinary.  I'm excited to experience more of them as the summer goes on. After Such is Life!

PS. Should any of you out there have a suggestion for something I should experience for my first time, I'd love to hear about it :)


  1. Love this. Your so awesome, Lee.

  2. Lee, this is so great! Stewart Falls is one of my favorite places.