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Saturday, May 28, 2011

From a friend

So, I have a good friend that is in a Marriage and Family Prep class here at BYU.  While the subject may be interesting and all, it is certainly not one of those classes I ever took.  Anyway.  She got this email from one of the kids in her class.  I've removed the name so as to keep his identity private.  Anyway, I think its hysterically awkward.  Give it a glance...should you so desire!

Hi, this is ????? from your LDS Marriage and Family class.
I am currently looking for a single-lady partner who would love to study on this subject together sometimes. Therefore, you could totally ignore this message if:
1. you were a boy (man).
2. you were a wife already.
3. you were not straight. (just kidding)

I am from China so that I am looked just like another 3.5 Billion Asian (Maybe not all of them). I am a convert to the LDS church. I am not a return missionary but I am looking for a partner to be life-time missionaries. I love dance and cook so that I think those might be a good start point unless you have other wonderful ideas. I do not have a car and anything more expensive than that yet. I will not judge you based on your looking even though Asian was my all-time-favor for about 20 years because I did not have others choices that time. 

Let me know if you were interested. We could start anytime including tonight.

Have fun weekend,


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  1. HA HA HA

    That is so awkward and funny. What did she do??