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Monday, September 21, 2009

BYU's Got Talent? I'll be the judge of that...

So, I'm very pleased to announce that I am officially one of the judges for BYU's Got Talent this semester. I will be reprising my roll as judge next semester in BYU Idol. The competition starts this Wednesday in the Varsity Theater at 7. Its so nice to know people. I am so excited about this! Everyone really should come! Its funny because in the course of my email conversation with the woman in charge, she made me promise not to try and make people cry. Luckily, I don't have to try, it just comes naturally to me :) I just told her that I'd give my honest opinion, and hope that it goes well. Lets all be honest, my honest opinion can be harsh at times, but it can also be very generous. And if the other judges are gonna try and be mean, then I don't really need to. But...this is BYU, so I'm guess they'll all say they'll be mean, and then won't have the heart. They'll just be nice and sweet. Luckily, thats not very me. I just hope there are some real talented people, and not just a bunch of goofs wasting my time. Because heaven knows I shan't be able to hold back on people that are just there wasting my time...I am a busy person after all. So, come and support me on Wednesday!
And just an interesting note...I've had a wicked case of insomnia lately. I haven't gone to bed before 4am in the past few weeks, and its getting really tiring...haha. I just can't seem to get to sleep, and so all sorts of things have been popping out of my mouth because of the tiredness. Not a healthy situation, I know. Just be aware of this, y'all! Cause I don't mean to offend you if something stupid comes out of my mouth, or if I say something that makes no sense, or if I ramble on in self-pity or something...but like they say, Such is life!


  1. Alors tu mets la culpabilité de ta méchanté sur l'insomnie maintenant? Tu me faire rire! Alors, t'as trouvé une caméra pour ce mercredi? J'ai vraiment hâte de voir tes jugements! Oh, et si on écrit qqch dans le journal, il faut le découper et me l'envoyer par la poste!! N'oublie pas de regarder!!

  2. Does James think he's being sneaky with the French? :) How did it go? The talent thing, I mean. I wish I could have gone...