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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something Good, and Something Bad

So, this is going to be an interesting post to write. First off, President Monson came to speak to us at the BYU devotional today. Can I just say, I completely covet his speaking skills! He is soooo funny, and has such great inflection/timing/pace...everything. So, ya. At the devotional the combined BYU choirs got to sing also. We sang "I Stand All Amazed" and can I just say, I think we sounded pretty dang good. There were less brilliant moments, as with every live performance, but all in all, it was dang good. It was funny, because we were watching the CES fireside at my apt on sunday, and people were commenting on how wonderful the choir sounded, and I just said "wait until tuesday devotional. Thats how a real choir sounds!" I'm such a choir snob...and dang proud of it now. Anyway, he gave a great address on the recent prophets, and shared some personal insights about the type of men they were. It was great!

Now for the less positive. We, here at the library, have been blessed with several new student employees. Some of them are smashing, and some of them...well, I want to smash. Luckily the ones in my cubical are incredibly barable. However, one of the newbies is ridiculously obnoxious. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm obnoxious too and I know it, but still. I was talking to Emilemily about it the other day, and we were reminicing about the annoying people in the past, including a certain someone who couldn't seem to stay out of our conversation. I had to tell her that this new guys is like 100x worse. He even just pops over in the middle of our conversation to stand there...very awkward. I have to say though, I definitely think he has a little something for my dearest cubical mate, Sydney. He definitely has a little crush on her, and loves to talk over the cubical wall to her (which is interdit).
Anyway, this whole ordeal has just reminded me of when you start off a new semester, even in your ward, and these new people come in and try and take over everything. You just have to sit them down and say, listen up Bleu, we're the vets of the ward, just let us do our thing! Ugh. My cousin tells me that I need to be nicer, and more accepting of people, though. So, I may give that a try... I would just like to submit though, that when I go into a new ward, I like to spend some time understanding the way the ward works, before I try to dominate it with my keen intellect...indeed, one may say that taking ones time is the propper way to do so. Anyway, this has turned into a bit of a rant but...such is life!


  1. Oh Lee, please please tell me that you are going to post such fab postings daily. You crack me up! You and your keen intellect-its is just unmatched :) and might i add, you have grand typing prowless hahahaha!

  2. XD I don't think you need to be nicer, Lee. I think you're swell. :)

    And I agree with you about the cube neighbor. At least he's extroverted, right?

  3. Lovely post. I missed chatting today. I was busy. Gross. Anyway, I always hate those people who come into a new ward and dominate it, but I also hate it when I come into a new ward and no one is welcoming to me and I have to be outgoing if I'm going to have any friends. So now I have to do what I despise people for doing. (If I want any friends that is...)

  4. hey so i didn't read past how you covet the prophet for his speaking abilities, i just kind of paused there and thought of you sitting in devo actually thinking of that as you are supposed to be listening to what he has to say to better youself, anyways i'll have to finish reading your blog when i get a second and am not exhausted from my fun filled day of school and work. well catch ya later oh and you should consider some cute backgrounds to add to your blog i think it might give it a little something if you know what i mean, lol!!!!

  5. Oh là là, mais qu'est-ce qu'il faut t'apprendre à épeler! Mais, bon, je vais essayer de ne pas regarder ces mots-là. Ha! Là! Que tu parles comme un Canadien, James! Ça m'énerve! OK, ce commentaire, je l'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé!! Je dois me rappeler que tu fais ce blog.