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Friday, September 25, 2009


So, on Wednesday I got to be a judge for BYU's Got Talent. It was quite the experience. One that I always wanted to have, and now that I've had it, I realize how difficult it is. When I got to the judging table and met my fellow judges, they strongly reminded us on how nice we need to be to the contestants. I chatted with the other judges a bit, and found that they couldn't really be mean to save their lives, so I realized that I was gonna be the only one who was slightly honest. After the first contestants sang (slightly out of tune I might add) I made my comments. I included the fact that they were a little pitchy. Well, I totally got booed. On one hand it cracked me up that I was being booed, on the other hand, it kind of shocked me, and made me shy away from making any harsh statements. Though, I did remind other people that they need to sing in tune... I did get booed a few more times, but it was fun. The highlights of the evening would have to be Nic - singer/songwriter who was amazing (and won), Yo-yo man - who was incredibly entertaining to watch, and for me the stand up comedian. After all, who doesn't clean up a spill with tar? The Balancing Guy would be a close contender also, but I did fear for my life. He balanced a yard stick, a chair, a mountain bike and a ladder on his chin. Pretty insane. Other than that, I also got interviewed by a reporter, and am going to be put in the paper. I just hope she doesn't make me look bad. I know how these reporters can be. I watch Law and Order...and The Closer. I see it all the time- back stabbing, self serving, lying reporters only going for their scoop, not caring who they destroy in the process. Typical. Well, I won't be a victim. I won't!
Anyway, in other news (I love how I say that, as if I'm some sort of anchor on the Night-Lee News (did you like that play on words)) I had a concert last night, and I'll have another one tonight. Everyone should come. Its gonna be great. Our opening song with the Women's Chorus (which is also the theme song for Homecoming this year) is pretty awesome. There are still tickets available.
I feel like I had so much more to say...but, I can't remember any of it. I guess thats the problem when I don't post more often. All sorts of things build up in my mind that I'm supposed to talk about, and then I never remember what they were. I would just like to say however that I have apparently learned a new skill from James. That is I can apparently just go on and on with this blog. I've learned the art of gab. Isn't that wonderful? The normal me would have ended this this after the third sentence, but look at me, I've learned to carry on and on about absolutely nothing. That actually makes me rather happy. Hopefully someday I'll learn to do that in actual conversation. And then, after I learn to do that, hopefully I learn to control it. That is the next step in mastery. Hopefully people don't care that I'm carrying on here, but if they do - Such is Life!

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