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Friday, September 11, 2009

This is a first...

Well, I never thought that I'd do it...I never thought that I'd be one of those people who actually sits down and blogs...but alas, those times have changed. Due to popular demand, I am now going to try this whole blogging thing out and see what happens. As I sit here and wonder what on earth to talk about, I can't help but think that my writing a blog isn't going to be nearly as funny or entertaining as talking to me in person :) Not that I'm all that entertaining in person, but get the point. So, I figure in this little blog, I'll be talking about all the things that are very me...thus the Lee-isms (Thank you Syd). I'm prolly gonna throw up some recipes, some flirting tips :) and some pet peaves, or just anything that I can think of, but lets be honest here, I'm not really one who goes around thinking too often...haha. In other exciting news, Dr. Staheli has a greed to give me private conducting lessons. I'm gonna get into that masters program, even if I have to step over some people to get there. Anywho, I should probably go and make something of my weekend. I'd hate to sit here and do nothing, but...such is life.


  1. Lee! Woo! You're starting a blog! Yaaay! I'm excited to read!!!

  2. Private conducting lessons? What is there to teach? XD

  3. Oh Lee, thank you for referencing me :) this is wonderful and i am very excited to see what comes up next! you should let people send in dating questions and have you answer/discuss them....
    love love love!

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  5. we all do it! I swore I would never do the same but now I am! Welcome aboard.