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Friday, June 4, 2010

East Coast Extravaganza: Charleston

Charleston is an absolutely lovely town. It was an absolute delight. This was definitely one of our low key areas where we just kinda strolled around the city, taking pics as we saw fit, and looking at what interested us. That is definitely my kind of vacation.

We stayed in the Mills House, which is a wonderfully elegant hotel, even though it owned an operated by Holiday Inn. Probably the best place we stayed the whole trip. The interior was stunning. In our room, they actually even left mints on our pillow! I mean, that is living life to its fullest! It was super fun.

We began by visiting the Atlantic Ocean. Something that I have never done before. The beach we went to is one of these beaches that all the beautiful people with amazing bodies go to. Needless to say, I wasn't very comfortable there. But it was fun to see everything. It was almost like being in California, but the water was actually warm. The houses were absolutely amazing too. They were HUGE as you can see!

We then went to a fort that was build for the revolutionary war, and was used in the civil war and world war one and two. They had displays of different guns that would have been used at different times. It was interesting enough.

On our journey of the streets we say a couple interesting things. Rainbow row is a road of houses that are very colorfully painted. We also saw the theater from The Notebook. The houses in city are insanely cool. Long and skinny. They also sport the tradition white column to be truly from Charleston.

We went to the shopping district, which didn't really have anything picture worthy, but I did get myself Julia Child's Mastering French Cooking workbook for the fun of it at William-Sonoma. I also got a recipes of Charleston cookbook from the Slave Market. It was fun. Definitely a great city to visit!

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