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Friday, June 4, 2010

East Coast Extravaganza: Savannah

Savannah was one of the quick stops on our trip. Apparently, Savannah was a big pirate place. They even have the statue of one of the pirates in one of the many squares. I was excited to go to there because it is Paula Deen capital. I really didn't know too much else about it, but it was exciting to go.

We began by having lunch at Uncle
Bubba's Oyster House. We started with fried dill pickles (which are absolutely amazing by the way), and then I had a HUGE pulled pork sandwich with fried oysters and coleslaw. We then finished up with a strawberry shortcake. Basically, it was all around pretty dang good food. I enjoyed it. We sat in the back in the nice afternoon sun with the fans blowing and looking out over the marshes. It was a wonderful time.

Then we headed into town. We went and visited many of the squares throughout the historic district (HD). There are over 20. They are filled with magnolia trees and live oak trees spattered with spanish moss. Rumor has it though that there is a square that has a single live oak tree that has no spanish moss on it. Legend has it that tree was used for a rather gruesome hanging, and the girl that was lynched now haunts the tree. And for this reason, no moss will grow on it. There was also one that was a grave yard. The squares were interesting, but didn't hold my attention too long.

Then we went to the famous River Street Sweets. They have the most delectable pralines you've ever had. The second you walk through the door, your palate is bombarded with the scent of caramel being cooked and poured over candied nuts. It was one of the most amazing experiences that my nose has ever had. It just makes you feel warm and good inside. The smell is a great business move because it makes you want to buy more and more, and so we did. We bought 2 and 1/2 lbs. Eating them was like a little piece of heaven here on earth. They were delightfully warm, and flaky but still slightly moist. The sugar was perfectly caramelized and the pecans added just the right amount of flavor. It was an experience unlike any I've had before. It's an absolute must try while in Savannah!

Then we headed over to the rather large Deen complex in the Historic District (HD). The buffet, Lady and Sons, was in its typical completely packed state. I also learned that Paula has a whole 2 story gift shop too. She has got her hands in a bit of everything really. I bought a little romper for my nephew William, a t-shirt for my niece Rebecca, and a bib saying "Got Biscuits?" for my newest nephew Andrew. The other thing that was exciting was that Paula was actually there! She was in the same building with us, probably laughing, playing, and pouring far too much butter into something. Oh, the little dear.

We also saw some other pretty things. There was the river, a wonderful cathedral, several nice houses, great columns, cobblestone streets, a nice fountain, and even a big wheel steam boat!

This really was a great time. I enjoyed it, even though we didn't spend a whole lot of time time. Next time, I'll have to get into Paula's buffet.

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