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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not another diet...

  Well, I've decided to try a new diet.  Note that I've never been a big fan of diets.  Indeed, one might say that I hate them.  Though, I've seen various success in them.  This one is one of the more intense ones I've done.  So, I thought I'd let you all know and follow along with me.

  I'm doing the hCG diet.  Basically, that means I'm taking holistic hCH drops every day and then only eating about 500 calories a day.  Those 500 calories are broken down into 2 meals.  In each of those meals, I get to eat 100 grams of protein (only chicken, white fish, shrip, or veal), 1 apple/orange/handful of strawberries, 1 serving a very limited assortment of veggies, and one grissini stick.  Beyond that, I drink lots of water and herbal tea.

  From what I've heard from the various people I've talked to who have participated in this program, there is a 1-2lbs per day average loss.  I'm going to be doing the 42 day program.  I've just finished day 3, and I've already lost 6lbs.  I'm excited to see the progress continue!

  I'm also lucky to have two dear friends participating in the program with me.  They are doing the 21 day program so as to be able to partially participate in Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I'm thankful to have their support.  I hope they have total success.  I'm excited to watch us all progress.  So, here's a big Thanks to you girls!  Good Luck.

  Anyway, I suppose we'll see how everything goes.  I'm hoping to loose between 45-60lbs.  I'm hoping it'll be a drastic change for when I go home for Christmas.  I hope my family will be impressed.  It does take a lot of will power to do this, and I will have to miss thanksgiving this year, but...Such is Life!


  1. Good luck! I've heard good things about this.

  2. Wow, good luck! My cousin did the HCG diet and blogged about it along the way. I can link you to the posts if you want!

  3. Good luck Leland! After you're done make yourself a late-Thanksgiving dinner! haha good luck!

  4. this is so cool! congrats! i just started doing more aerobic workouts to hopefully lose a few pounds, too. keep me posted!

  5. My sister and I have decided to give it a try, too! Our aunt went on it and was very pleased with the results. We decided to wait until January to do it so that we didn't have to suffer through the holidays. I just don't have that kind of will power. Kudos to you! Let me know how it goes, I want all of the advice I can get...