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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ode to things that make me happy

So, over thanksgiving break I had the joy of being sick.  At first, I thought it was strep.  A trip to the friendly local Student Health Center taught me that strep was just not the case.  So, I spent a good portion of the trip in bed, with a ridiculously sore throat.  Luckily, in these times of pain and need, I return to the things that make me happy.  These videos, are some of my absolute favorite one.  They can always pick me up.

Glozel is an absolute kick in the pants.  This clip "My pushup bra will help me get my man" is one of her most popular clips, and is positively hysterical.

Next we have Sassy Gay Friend: Hamlet.  I do believe that we all need a sassy gay friend, and this video show why.  Something about it just makes me crack up.  Note that they are all funny!

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  1. Feel better!

    I wish they'd make more Sassy Gay Friends. Have you seen the Giving Tree one?