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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank You Lunch

This past month Mark and I decided to make a little late lunch/early dinner for the girls that helped serve at the two weddings that we catered.  It was nice to have a fair few of them up at the villa so I could cook them a little something.  I was excited to show them a bit more about the kind of food I like to cook, and not just the bulk wedding food that they saw.

We decided to do a nice little 3 course meal: soup, main dish, and dessert.  I like to think that they turned out pretty well.  Luckily, the girls brought their cameras to take some pics so y'all can see.  Here we go:

Pumpkin Soup:  This is my own recipe.  Slow cooked veggies, pumpkin, stock, and spices.  Served with cream and garlic croutons.  Also served with fresh apple cider.

 Rubbed Pork:  Pork chops rubbed with chipotle brown sugar and smoked paprika served atop a bed of apple florentine greens.  Served with white rice, shitake gravy, sri racha, and pesto.

Spice Cake:  Spice cake topped with cream cheese frosting, a caramel homegrown pear and sugar tuilles.


  1. Lee! That looks incredible! I wish I had been a server! Yum.

  2. What the... that dessert is crazy!!

    It all looks so nice, Lee! You guys are talented!

  3. Wow, that looked not only delicious but also beautiful! And the setup was gorgeous - the dark blue and white, the bowls of soup just so - absolutely lovely.