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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome Home

Watch arriving passengers be given a welcome home to remember at Heathrow Terminal 5.  Its great fun.  Here is a list of songs that are performed, in case you want them!

0:10 - 0:37 Etta James - At Last
0:37 - 0:56 Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby
0:56 - 1:19 Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack
1:19 - 1:39 Iggy Pop - The Passenger
1:39 - 1:53 Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
1:53 - 2:06 Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God
2:06 - 2:26 Michael Mcdonald - I Knew You Were Waiting
2:26 - 3:05 Peters & Lee - Welcome Home


  1. this kind of reminds me a little of the post that gail bennett put up with the musicals... this would be way cool to sing patriotic songs for soldiers who were coming home...