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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: a stress fracture in my foot.
This morning as I rose from my bed at 6 to prepare to give my first final of the semester to my 235 conducting class, I lazily put my feet down on the floor to head to the bathroom.  As I wandered to the bathroom I realized something was wrong.  Quite right, something was very wrong indeed...  Something to do with my feet.  It was far too cold in my apt and my feet were freezing.  Cursed window left open.  Well, after solving that issue I got to do one of my favorite things in my daily routine...shower.  Something so marvelous about the heat, the water...the hot water.  So great.  But, something was wrong this time...something was not as it should be.  Something was making me...uncomfortable. There was a small spider in there.  Being the more important species on the totem pole, I took it upon myself to decide its fate.  Punishment for intrusion upon my space: death.  It was washed down the drain.  Upon exiting that small haven, is the moment that I noticed it.  I mean, how could I have forgotten?  It was rather ridiculous of me.  I needed breakfast!  

Well, after eating breakfast and getting myself completely ready for school, I got in my car to go pick up Natalie (bless her for helping me today).  But, that's when I noticed it.  It happened every time I put pressure on the breaks with my foot.  A shutter...a stutter.  It was painful.  And I just thought, "Oh no...why this?  I mean, I've already had the worst semester. How could this be happening?  Why was I doomed to such a cursed fate?   Sickness is costing me a fortune."  The rotors on my breaks were warped and would need to be fixed.  Oh car, my poor car.  Why must you be so ill?  It is such a pain.

Once I got to school, and begin walking to the HFAC to give my final, Natalie finally noticed it.  She was slightly taken aback and asked about it immediately. Embarrassed, I informed her that it happened while I was in France and I still have it to this day.  Its not usually so noticeable...but today was a special case.  And despite it's lingering presence in my life, my little green scarf is still just so comfortable.  I couldn't bare part with it.

Now, as I sit at work, with my foot propped up on an aerobic ball, and ponder the joy of going home, I have to ask myself about that little pain that has been bothering me all day.  That bit of uncomfortable nagging.  The thing that is screaming "Hey, something isn't right here!  I need some attention!"  Are finals really worth all this effort and pain?  I think not!

Oh, and by the way, I have a stress fracture in my foot...but Such Is Life!

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