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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 days of Christmas - Day 8

On the eighth day of Christmas my life gave to me: eight phone calls during one show.

So, one thing about being home is that my parents receive an obnoxious amount of calls during the day.  And by obnoxious, I mean it is absolutely ridiculous.  i don't even know how they survive.  Its not wonder they're always out, they can't stand the ringing phone.

Now, not all these calls are legit for them: political calls, fisherman's market, wrong numbers, toll frees etc etc etc.

Now, I had decided to sit down and watch an episode of Super Nanny because I love me some Jo Jo.  In this 60 minute program I received 8 phone calls.  It was ridiculous.  I mean, how many of you actually get that many phone calls in a 60 min period just because?  I'm guessing very few of you.  Something NEEDS to happen here!

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