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Sunday, December 4, 2011


This video absolutely broke my heart.  I empathized and sympathized with this kid, Jonah, on so many levels.  Sure, I've been bullied; indeed I think most of us have been to varying degrees.  Some people are more able to repel such negativity, others internalize it and become tormented souls.  For the life of me, I don't understand why it happens.  I don't understand how children so young become filled with so much hate.  It makes me wonder what is going on in the homes of these kids.

In talking to several people on the issue of bullying, it surprises me the responses I get.  The most common is simply that its part of life and you have to grow up, be strong and get over it.  I find this to be an absolutely unacceptable response and mentality.  Its so uncaring and unaffected.  It makes me wonder if these people really comprehend what is going on.  It makes me wanna ask a few questions:

Have you been bullied too?  I have.  Have you been made to feel worthless?  I have.  Have you felt the bitter tears of being hated stream down your face? I have.  Have you felt what it is like to drown in the emptiness inside yourself?  I have.  Have you had to work to subdue the deep desire to end it all.  I have.  Have you faced the challenge of being alone and friendless?  I have.

These are not the feelings that our youth should feel.  These are not the feelings that anyone should be made to feel.  We all should be surrounded with loving, caring, uplifting, complementary, generous, and compassionate influences.  I hope that we together can help to stop all of the hate.  Jonah, I'm proud of your courage.  I hope I can be like you.

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  1. Oh wow. That is so sad. I wish I could hug him, help him. :/

    I was bullied a little when I first switched to public schools, but not that badly. How horrid.

    And I agree--"it just a part of life" is a crapshoot way to think of bullying. It's a serious problem that needs to stop.