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Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

On the third day of Christmas my life gave to me: the three smells I hate the most.

Today was just one of those days.  I woke up at 7, took a shower, got dressed, packed, and then cleaned for a while.  I was ready to go by 8:30.  That's when my ride to the airport canceled.  I went on a crazed search to get a ride.  My flight was to leave at 11:20, so I really needed to be there around, or a little after, 10.  Well, I wasn't able to secure a ride until 9:50.  We hit the rode at 10 and got to the airport at 10:50ish.  It was intense.  I was so worried I would miss my flight.  Luckily I got through check in and limped my way to my gate.  They were just finishing boarding.  I got on and sat.  So far, stressful day.

As I was sitting the thought hit me...who am I going to be sitting by.  This is always one of the worst parts about flying.  Was it going to be the mother of a 3 month old who won't stop crying? A chatty chatty 70 yo who won't let me sleep? I was starting to get nervous.  Now, I'm not skinny person so that always makes it more interesting.  And then, there he was.  A 50+ yo man that was a bit bigger than me.  "Putting the two biggest guys on the plane next to each other, that makes sense" he said as he pointed to the seat next to me. I got out and let him in and then retook my place.  That's when I noticed it.  The smell.

There are 3 smells that I hate more than anything.  He had them all.  It was painful.  Lets go one by one.  First was the wretched smell of cigarette smoke.  I can't stand that smell.  It makes me want to gag.  Oy.  It was rough. I thought, I just need to go to sleep and I'll be ok.  But, this chatty cathy leaned over and started talking to me.  That's when smell 2 hit: alcohol breath.  Ugh.  That yeasty smell is just one of the worst things on earth.  I don't know how anyone can live with an alcoholic and deal with that smell on a regular basis.  Once the flight attendants came around and gave us our drinks I thought I would be happy.  I would have my can of Fresca and cup of ice and I would be set.  But, he ordered my 3rd hated coffee.  Now, I know a lot of you out there love the smell of coffee...even if you don't drink it.  My sister was the same.  Most of my friends are the same.  But, I just can't stand it.  I can't even bare going down the coffee isle at the grocery store, I just hate it.  This guy, however, loved it!  Bless his soul.

So, it was basically the longest flight ever.  And how is it topped off?  They lost my luggage and would have to deliver it in the morning.  Great end to a great trip... but SIL.

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