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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pet Peeve pt. 1

Fall and winter are two of my favorite seasons. The fall jackets, cold mornings, scarves, Christmas music, winter fashion, snow in the mountains, and well dressed people. Unfortunately there are a couple of new trends out there... well newish trends. I find them to be ugly, hideous, outlandish, unprofessional, sloppy, undignified, unrefined, and absolutely unwearable.

The first of the two trends has been common for a while, though always gets slightly remade as time goes on. Its this: the wearing of basket ball shorts with non athletic shoes and button up shirts. Folks, you would absolutely never see me walking around in public in basket ball shorts unless I am going to or from the gym or some other physical activity. This is not the way people ought to be dressing, it just isn't. And yet, guys just love to put on some bb shorts and throw on a nice shirt and some nice shoes and leave the house. Its just ridiculous. Do you not own any pants? Do you not own normal shorts? Do you not poses any kind of self dignity? Do you not look at yourself before you leave your place?  Apparently not. This should never should just not ever happen.

Now, I recognize that I am a bit of an extremist. My views rarely are consistent with those of "normal" people. But honestly, its not the actual bb shorts that bother me. Its the pairing of the shorts with a button up shirt and dressier shoes. Throw on some tennis shoes, a t-shirt, a hoodie and some bb shorts and I'm perfectly content...not happy, but content (I still believe in looking appropriate whilst out in public). But the previously described style is just egregious.

The second phenomena is just as revolting, but in a very different way. This movement comes to us from a very different crowd from the previous. This one tends to be prevalent more in the artsy, emo-y, metro-y, slightly more effeminate, theater type crowd. The trend is simple: take some brightly colored skinny pants, turn the large cuff up until way past the ankle, throw in some brightly colored socks and some dress shoes and you have it. This is often paired with a 50's and 60's style hair due. People, people, people. LOOK AT YOURSELVES!!! This is not attractive. This is not attracting! Now, maybe the goal of these guys is not to attract some lovely lady...perhaps they would rather want to attract some awkward man who wear the same fashion (rude stereotype? prolly...) and may they find each other and by happy. But, if this is not your goal then you absolutely need rethink this fashion idea. I can refer you to several other locations that show proper fashion, including a wonderful little dress clothing article by Mr. Zach Anderson. (Pictures to follow shortly)

In closing, I hope that you will all look at yourself before you will leave your house. Take a good long look and think to yourself "is this the image that I want to show people of me." If you're wearing either of those styles, I pray the answer is no. And if it is no, then CHANGE. And if you don't, I will be forced to judge you...but SIL.

(Don't worry guys, I have a similar article coming for the girls...)


  1. I'm not okay with men wearing brightly colored pants. That's just wrong on so many levels.

  2. @Anonymous - I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!

  3. So you're prejudiced against slobs and hipsters? Me, too.

  4. Oh wow, I have never seen the button-up shirts and the basketball shorts. How funny XD.

  5. Leland, you could be the next Clinton Kelly. I miss your sassy critiques!

  6. I miss this from you. I want you to blog like this more!

  7. @Andrea Cerveny - completely prejudiced and proud of it :)
    @CNHolmberg - Its basically ridiculous. They should be publicly scorned on sight...
    @Christie Elizabeth - Thank you kindly
    @Meagan - I have long considered doing a BYU What Not To needs to be done...
    @Emily Robinson - Well fear not! The sassy blogger in me is back!

  8. I tell dan this all the time. He wear dressy sneakers/shoes with shorts and a tshirt and finds nothing wrong with it.